Maskenhändler | © Mario Gerth

The bazaar has lots on offer once again, such as African percussion and musical instruments, books and CDs with a traditional and modern African sound. Extraordinary clothing and materials, jewellery and sculptures, masks and artistic, as well as practical objects will also enthuse visitors. In order to indulge in fine food, the bazaar and food area will be offering African and oriental delicacies to you from Friday to Monday (11:00 am - 11:00 pm). This year, you can enjoy among others dishes from Jamaica, Ethiopia, Morocco, Cameroon and Ruanda!


 © Bugs Steffen

Away from the turmoil of the festival visitors can take a break from everyday life at our new oasis of relaxation, where they can chill-out in deck chairs or enjoy stuffed dates, pastry and Moroccan tea. Big trees, parasols and the authentic Moroccan royal tent provide shade. Women who do henna tattoos or braid hair will make you even prettier.