35. africa Festival – place of initiatives


Photo: © Martin Aufmuth

Millions of people suffer from a correctable defective vision, but cannot afford glasses. The organization EinDollarBrille has the solution: lightweight, stable and inexpensive glasses made by local skilled workers on a simple bending machine. The goal: continuous and independent basic optical care in developing countries. In Africa, the organization has a presence in Malawi, Burkina Faso and Kenya. 

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Photo: © Alexis Huguet

Doctors without Borders is an international humanitarian aid organization. They provide medical aid in countries where people are in need due to wars, epidemics or natural disasters. Doctors without Borders supports people regardless of their origin, gender identity, political or religious beliefs. In order to remain independent, the German section of MSF finances most of its projects (96 percent) with the help of private donors. Around 45,000 employees are constantly working for Doctors without Borders in more than 70 countries. Most of the projects are in Africa at the moment. 

Ein Herz für Kenia

Photo: © Ein Herz für Kenia e.V.

A Heart for Kenya is committed to helping orphans in Kenya and giving them a better future. Their great vision is to create a place where children‘s eyes, previously filled with hopelessness, can once again shine, a place where they can find hope, a loving home and a perspective. The association is looking for people who want to help to give these children a chance for a healthy, self-determining and violence-free life. Among other things, they build children‘s homes, schools, drill wells and arrange sponsorships. 


Photo: © Baobab Children Foundation

Baobab Children Foundation is a Ghanaian NGO which has been running a vocational centre for youths for more than 18 years, which is located between Kissi and Kwahinkrom. This is a rural area, where children often don’t have a chance to receive an education, as, from an early age on, they must help their parents or grandparents with their work at a farm or with selling produce. Often financial reasons make it impossible for children or youths to visit a school – there is no money for a school uniform, for books or notebooks and often times the way to the next school is too long. 19 years ago Edith de Vos founded the Baobab Children Foundation for these youths. 

Take a Malaika

Photo: © Take a Maleika

Take a Malaika supports women and families from socially and economically difficult backgrounds with a sewing project in Arusha Tanzania. The women, most of whom are single parents, receive a monthly wage from the association, which is an important contribution to their livelihood. This recognition of their achievement strengthens their motivation and increases their self-confidence. The women also receive weekly business training and can obtain a micro-credit from the association to support them on their way to self-employment. 

Menschen für Menschen

Photo: © Rainer Kwiotek

The “Menschen für Menschen” Foundation wants to enable people in the project regions of Ethiopia to sustainably improve their living conditions. Together with the local population, our Ethiopian team implements the measures designed locally in the areas of agriculture, water, health, education and income. At the same time, we want to sensitise the population in Europe to the challenges and needs in countries such as Ethiopia in the spirit of a community of values based on solidarity and show the connections to our lives.