News & Rules

In order to make the stay as pleasant as possible for all visitors, we ask you to observe the following regulations:

  • This year you can pay cashless and also with cash at our beverage stands & cash containers as well as at the information stand. Nevertheless, we still recommend cashless payment to keep contacts low.
  • For safety reasons, children over the age of 12 may only attend the evening concerts if accompanied by a parent or guardian and with a ticket. We would like to point out that we offer great opportunities for children to enjoy the festival through the free children’s and social program during the day. Parents are responsible for supervising their children.
  • Also this year the following applies: Dogs must stay outside. This regulation, which many parents of small children in particular have requested, has proven its worth and will therefore remain in place.
  • In order to finance the rich supporting program and to be able to keep the low admission prices, we are dependent on the beverage sales. Therefore, it is not allowed to bring beverages onto the square – except for drinking bottles for small children. Please dispose of your drink bottles before entering the festival area, as security is instructed to search bags and backpacks. There is a drinking water station on the festival grounds, which is also marked as such.
  • Advertising of any kind, especially with flyers and posters, is forbidden on the whole festival area, so that the festival area looks clean and we can keep the costs for garbage disposal within limits. We would also like to ask you to dispose of trash of any kind in the trash receptacles provided.
  • And one more request: Be fair to the security people at the gates who do their (not always easy) job there. As you know, we have invited international stars to the festival and they demand a high security standard from us. Therefore we are obliged to search bags etc. for weapons at the entrance. The less you bring on the evening, the faster you can be let in. Furthermore, filming, photography and tape recording are not permitted for visitors to the evening concerts.
  • In order to make our guests feel comfortable, we reserve the right to deny access to the festival grounds to heavily intoxicated and aggressive visitors. The festival has always been and shall remain a peaceful festival. The drivers of the cab stand at the main entrance will take you home safely.
  • The current infection control measures ordinances of the Bavarian State Government apply on the festival grounds.
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