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Press photos 35th International Africa Festival

Artists of the Evening Programme

Ndlovu Youth Choir – evening programme 30.05.2024, 8 pm Photo: © Ndlovu Youth Choir
Fatoumata Diawara – evening programme 30.05.2024, 10 pm Photo: © Shelby Duncan
Las Karamba – evening programme 31.05.2024, 8 pm Photo: © Alan Nart
Mariana Ramos – evening programme 31.05.2024, 10 pm Photo: © Lio Baunot

General press photos International Africa Festival

Fashion Girl – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Traditional stage drummers – Photo: © Mario Gerth
Moderator Sarah Bergh – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
International Africa Festival // Children’s program mit Ibo – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Fashion designer Rama Diaw – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Kora player Saliou Cissokho – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Fashion Girls – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Cape Dream vintage – Photo: © Cape Dream
Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Sona Jobarteh- Photo: © Jesco Denzel
azaar International Africa Festival – Photo: © Patty Varasano
Story teller Ibrahima Ndiaye – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Welcome International Africa Festival – Photo: © Mario Gerth
Fashion designer Rama Diaw and her models – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
International Africa Festival stage – Photo: © Günther Klebinger
International Africa Festival ground – Photo: © Peter Schuhmann
Adesa acrobatic show – Photo: © Patty Varasano
Fashion designer Rama Diaw – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
Delicious Tea – Photo: © Mario Gerth
Delicious Food – Photo: © Peter Schuhmann
Bazaar International Africa Festival – Photo: © Bugs Steffen
The new school in Kankan, built with the help of the Africa Festival Foundation – Photo: © Mama Afrika
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