Foundation Africa Festival Würzburg

In 2013 the Africa Festival supported the “Salif Keita Global Foundation” with a donation of sunscreens for the albinos in Mali.


The trust foundation Africa Festival Würzburg was established in October 2014. The association has the name “Stiftung Africa Festival Würzburg”. It is a non-profit, foundation with no legal capacity, which is in self-administration of Afro Project e.V., Eisenmannstr. 5, 97074 Würzburg, Germany. Foundation curators are Stiftungskuratoren sind Dipl. Psych. Franz Bernitzky (chairman, head of the Johanna Kirchner house in Marktbreit), M.A. Judith Jörg (city council). Bernd Güthlein (graduated busines economist) manages the endowment found in a trust management.

Festival in the desert. In 2004/ 2005 Afro Project supported the Tuareg festival with a lighting system and logistical know-how.


The purpose of the foundation is:

The support of social, cultural and charitable projects and institutions in Africa, in particular in the field of:

  • health protection and health care,
  • capacity building,
  • construction, entertainment and promotion of new and existing cultural institutions and events in Africa and
  •  the promotion of African artists and musicians;
  • support  of African art, culture and artists in Africa or from countries outside of the African continent, where Africans were abducted as slaves and whose art and culture still have African roots;
  • support of Afro Project e.V. in cultural, social and informing projects related to the Africa Festival;
  • support of the Africa Festival Würzburg if the association Afro Project e.V., which organizes the Africa festival in Würzburg, faces difficult economic situations caused by natural events or other events.
Louisa, 10 years old, orphan suffering from Aids from Mozambique (left). Township in Cape Town (right). In 2002, 2003 and 2004 Afro Project supported the Aids project “Steps for the Future” in South Africa.


The foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable and non-profit-making (tax-priviledged) purposes in terms of the tax code (AO). The foundation does not act to make a profit and is not primarily to pursue its own financial interests. The means of the foundation may only be used for statutory purposes.


With a contribution in the form of a contribution which will be beneficial to the statutory foundation goal and which is to be used for this purpose, or in the form of a donation which is intended to increase the foundation’s assets stock. Contributing persons can be any natural or legal person (private individual, association, company and also another foundation).

Notice: To enable us to classify whether your subsidy serves as a contribution to the statutory foundation goal or whether it should increase the foundation’s assets stock, we ask you to give “contribution” or “donation”as a reference when making a transfer. If you do not provide any information or use the term “benefit”, then you leave it to us to assign your donated amount. Please also give your address so that we can send you a donation receipt.

Sona Jobarteh with her pupils in the Gambia. Africa Festival foundation will pay the salary of the nine teachers of the first music school for traditional music for two years.


  • you are someone who sees herself/himself as part of a community of shared values, who feels committed to helping social, cultural and charitable projects and institutions in Africa. You will get tax relief for your donation, regardless of your income and your donations to other organizations.
  • when you donate inherited assets to the foundation, they incur no inheritance tax (also retrospectivelyfor up to 24 months).
  • your commitment brings your company an improved image as a donor
  • your customers and the population appreciate companies that are committed to social issues
  • you can realize personal commitment without own administrative effort and together with an experienced and competent organization


You can also consider the Africa Festival Würzburg foundation in your testament. This gives you the opportunity to secure your commitment beyond your death. Even your testament can move mountains – your legacy can be permanent! Reflecting on the fate of your fortune in case of inheritance is a very personal matter. Have you ever thought about achieving something which will last with your heritage? We would like to show you how you can set the right course with your testament.

Certainly, you are aware that the German inheritance law, if no will had been drawn up, stipulates intestate succession. Your estate will be transferred to your relatives in a fixed order of succession. If there are no relatives, the exchequer will inherit, that is the State. If you want to deviate from this legal regulation, your will must be determined in a testament. You can use any person as an heir or pass on a legacy to him/her. You can also designate a non-profit organizations, e.g. our foundation as beneficiary.

Your name bespeakes humanity? With a legacy as a component of your testament you regulate the amount and purpose of the portion intended for us. If you appoint the foundation as your heir it becomes your universal successor.. If you designated other people and the foundation as beneficiaries, the result is a community of heirs. By your testation in the form of a legacy or in the form of a bequest you will support the charitable foundation goal mentioned above.

The allowance of a certain amount of money is suited best for a legacy. However, objects, for example, a property, a flat or a collection can be also given through a bequest. The inheritance tax is cancelled. The legislator expressly recompenses this kind of inheritance settlement. The tax law pertaining to foundations determines that charitable foundations are exempt frominheritance tax. Hereby it is ensured that your the full amount of your estate will be used where it is desperately needed.

Please discuss the designing of your will with your accountant and/or a notary.


  • the mayor of the city of Würzburg Mr Christian Schuchardt
  • the president of the university of Würzburg Prof. Alfred Forchel
  • the managing director of the media group Main Post GmbH Mr David Brandstätter
  • the charmain of the board of Sparkasse Würzburg Mr Bernd Fröhlich
  • the managing director of Bürgerspitalweinstuben Mr Peter Wiesenegg
  • the retired head of protocol of the Federal Government Ambassador Dr. Rainald Steck
  • the executive partner of Freier holding company Mr Christian Freier


The account of the foundation: Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg
Bank code: 790 500 00
IBAN: DE23 7905 0000 0000 220 111