© Bugs Steffen

The fashion designer Rama Diaw from Saint Louis (Senegal) has been creating modern African fashion and accessories for a few years now and uses native techniques and materials like batik and indigo fabrics. All materials she uses are purchased directly from Senegal, Mauretania and Mali. Because of her passion for fashion she created the federation “Aissaitou”, which brings together underprivileged dressmakers, sewers and cloth dyers in the countryside to offer them work. In order to support this project, Afro Project again provides a tent and catwalk free of charge and organises a fashion show with the creations of Madame Rama. By mixing wax (a modern fabric) and rabal (a traditional fabric) Diaw combines the subtlety of forms and the robustness of matter. Senegalese and African Women are subtle and persevering. With her new fashion show “Perseverance“ Madame Rama wants to emphasize the status of African Women in society.

The fashion shows take place on Saturday, Sunday an Monday at 12:00 pm and 04:30 pm next to the Havana Club.