Thursday, MAy 30th, 8:30 PM

© Foto: Puente Latino


Son Salsa, Bolero and more for dancing

The seven passionate musicians from Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela invite you to a musical journey through the Caribbean! Their songs, sung by the charismatic lead singer Álvaro Amador are a mixture of their own compositions as well as classics by Buena Vista Social Club, Celia Cruz or the Fania All-Stars, paired with a mix of different Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Their light-heartedness and joie de vivre are transferred from the stage to the audience. It quickly becomes clear – you simply can’t resist these Cuban rhythms!

Friday, May 31st, 8:30 PM

Photo: © H. Zaldivar


Traditional and modern Afro-Carribbean music

The international “Sexteto” from Cuba, Peru, Ecuador and Germany has dedicated itself in a special way to the “Son cubano”, modern Salsa rhythms and Latin Jazz. With Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Guaguanco and Bomba they want to infect the audience with your fever to live up to your name. Salsamania unleashes a dance frenzy that is addictive. Not for nothing has this band now cult status. The band performs with trumpeter Humberto Zaldívar from Cuba.

Saturday, June 1st, 8:30 PM

Photo: © Cuba Vista


Traditional Son, Salsa, Bachata and Rumba from Cuba

The band celebrates its 20th stage anniversary with more than 2,000 concerts at home and abroad. The excellent band around the Cuban singer Mireya Coba Cantero will take the festival visitors on a journey through the most beautiful musical landscapes of Cuba. Swinging Son, fiery Salsa, spirited Bachata and driving Rumba will put you in a good mood and make you want to dance. If you know the music of Buena Vista Social Club and like Mojitos and Cuba Libre, you should definitely get acquainted with the music of Cuba Vista! The band will bring guest Cuban musicians to the Africa Festival. Hasta la Fiesta!

Thursday, May 30th – Saturday, June 1st, from 10 PM


DJ Freegah is a passionate DJ and MC who has dedicated his work to Afrobeats and Afrohouse. This year he will be showing us another side of himself and will be spinning Salsa & Latin beats for visitors to the Havana Club.

He was born and raised in Nigeria, where he worked with various DJs and artists from the continent. He has since moved to Europe. In 2022, he was honoured as the best African DJ in Germany by the African community.

Foto: © Bugs Steffen
Foto: © Bugs Steffen

Sunday, June 2nd, from 7:00 PM



Our legendary DJ HI John from Jamaica, who has been part of the Africa Festival for many years, will of course not be missing this year either. He will once again be presenting current sounds, but also the beginnings of reggae such as ska, rocksteady and roots reggae from the Caribbean island under the motto “Old but Gold”.