Due to the great success in 2018, there will again be a tent with a terrace directly on the banks of the river that is exclusively reserved to wine. There are exclusive wines both here in Franconia and in South Africa, after all. Therefore, we have again invited two wineries from the Cape Region in South Africa – “Thandi” and “Cape Dreams” – to present their wines. At the same time, the winery “Am Stein” in Würzburg, a top Franconian winegrower, will be presenting its noble grapes. So there will be the opportunity to taste wines from two different growing areas in direct comparison and to get expert advice.


Ludwig Knoll from the winery „Am Stein” in the orak barrel cellar


Both South African wineries are special because they are predominantly or completely owned by black and coloured people, whereas the South African wine industry still is widely in whitehands. “Cape Dreams” is a company of 100% “black economic empowerment”. “Thandi” is the first wine brand in the world to receive Fairtrade accreditation. Both companies produce wines of the highest quality.


Vernon Henn from "Thandi Wines"


In support of the new South Africa, the Africa Festival has invited these two wine-growing estates to Würzburg. “Weingut am Stein” has been cultivating some of the most prestigious locations in Franconia,currently already in the 5th generation and since 2006 even ecologically. At the Africa Festival 2019 Antonia Knoll, the daughter of the house, will be presenting the winery and its wines. Besides outstanding quality, which secured the winery its membership in Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (the Association of German wine estates with distinction, abbreviated VDP) in 2001, it also stands for ecological winegrowing and remarkable architecture. Opening hours: 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm.