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Sugar was the gold of the Caribbean. It was produced from sugar canes and could be sold expensively in Europe in the 17th and 17th century. Rum is made of molasses – a side product during the production of cane sugar. Because of Europe´s own sugar production from sugar beets, the trade with sugar became less important. However the rum making in the Caribbean stayed significant. Each island has its own rum. The type of sugar, the soil, the climate and the storage time are responsible for the various rum flavours. The way of handling and storage in different barrels is also relevant for the taste. To present the best-known drink of the Caribbean, the festival invited a rum expert. Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm he will present three different high-quality rums at the open-air cocktail lounge. Visitors can also try different cocktails and rums at the Havana Club. As some of the best rums come from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad, we have decided to offer a tasting with rum from these islands. You can sample three different types of rums from Trinidad on Friday, Barbados on Saturday and Jamaica on Sunday. It is allowed to taste in a modest way!