• Do my children also have to pay the entrance fee?

    Children younger than twelve years do not have to pay the entrance fee. Shows in the children's tent and activities for children are in general free of charge. In the past years, the number of children attending the evening concerts has risen continuously. Sometimes children attend the concerts without any supervision. For safety purposes, we only grant children from the age of twelve, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and with a ticket, access to the evening concerts. We kindly point out to our daily free of charge children's programme and the large supporting programme, which offer each child great opportunities to enjoy the festival throughout the day. Parents are personally responsible for supervising their children.

  • Is there a reduction on ticket prices for families?

    Yes. The special family ticket costs EUR25 a day for families with children from the age of twelve.

  • Is it true that it is not allowed to bring own beverages onto the festival ground?

    Yes, this is true. A couple of years ago we introduced this rule to put an end to rising waste disposal costs which were skyrocketing due to thousands and thousands of bottles and cans brought onto the festival ground by visitors. Another reason for this regulation is that all the concerts on the open stage and the programme in the children's tent are financed by our beverage turnover. Thus, we depend on our beverage sales. Beverages for babies, toddlers and small children are not subject to this rule.

  • Is tap water available on the festival ground?

    Yes. The free areas are indicated by signs at the gates and marked with a 'T'.

  • Are RVs permitted on the camping ground?

    Yes – works are completed and you may park your camping vans again on our camping ground.

  • What are the opening hours for the festival?

    On the first three festival days the festival ground is open from 11 am to midnight.  On the first three festival days the Havana Club is open till 2 am and on the last day of the festival till midnight. The best time for a walk over the bazaar is in the morning.

  • How can I find privat accomodations in Wuerzburg?

    Please visite . There you can find addresses of people providing private accomodation, but also all hotels and restaurants in Wuerzburg.

  • Is the season ticket transferable?

    No, tickets are non-transferable!

  • Do I also have to pay the entrance fee when I have bought a ticket for the evening concert in the big circus tent?

    No, ticketholders for evening concerts are granted free access to the festival ground.

  • How do I get to the festival?

    The festival ground is located directly at the river Main under the 'Friedensbruecke' (Brigde of Peace). The area is near the city center and can be reached by foot in 15 minutes from the center or the main station. If you go there by tram, take N° 2 or 4, marked with 'Zellerau' (= district of Wuerzburg) and get off at the station marked 'Talavera'. See also our Arrival-Map.