Panel discussion at the Havana Club on 02 June 2019, at 11.30 a.m.

Host: Sarah Bergh

One important item on the agenda, which we will emphasize again this year, is Afro Germany. Last year, amongst others, the ISD initiative (“Initiative for black people in Germany“) introduced itself to our visitors as a contact point for questions and problems particularly concerning everyday racism. This time, we use the key word afro Germany positive to introduce people who manage their life with this issue in a positive way and thus show new ways for living together. These people will take part in the panel discussion at Havana Club on Sunday, 02 June 2019 at 11:30 am:

Sarah Bergh
She is living in Munich and is a pedagogue with expert knowledge in psychology and theatre arts. She has been working at the Pedagogue Instituteof the city of Munich since 2015. Previously, she has organised and accompanied art and cultural projects. Now her focus is on political education, which also includes the topics migration and racism. She grew up with German and Ghanaian roots and has been the host of the concerts since the 19th Africa Festival
© Bugs Steffen

Pamela Aryeh – Education researcher
Besides having studied educational sciences, she has also completed her African studies. Her bachelor thesis was about the topic “hair politics and empowerment“. Since her early childhood she has been regularly travelling to her second home Ghana. Currently she is working in Cologne at Social Services, which focuses on migration and integration.


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Leila Akinyi – Singer
The hip-hop and afropop singer who grew up in Cologne represents the empowerment of all afro German people. She uses her strong voice to sing about her experiences and purposely conveys a positive selfconfidence. By now, the artist who was born in Mombasa/Kenia, is travelling around Europe for the Goethe Institute to pass on her message.

© Leila Akinyi

Josefine Gläsner – Medical cosmetician and model
Josefine can honestly say that she was born into a truly multi-cultural family. Her parents are both from Namibia and their relatives range from oshivambos to Bushmen. At the Africa Festival, she has been a model on the catwalk for Rama Diaw’s collections for years.


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