Josephine | © Bugs Steffen

We kindly ask you to observe a few rules to ensure a pleasant stay for you and for all our guests:

  • The smoking ban applies to all tents on the festival ground. Please use the outdoor ashtrays!
  • Due to security reasons, access to the circus tent can only be allowed for children from the age of 12 years on, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and with a ticket. We kindly point out to our daily free of charge children’s programme and the large sourrounding programme, which offers each child great opportunities to enjoy the festival throughout the day. Parents are personally responsible for supervising their children.
  • This year again dogs are not allowed on the festival ground. This regulation was requested especially by parents of young children and has proven to be of great help for the peaceful run of the festival.
  • As we have to finance all the supporting acts of the festival and still want to keep the entrance fee low, we depend on the drinks turnover. For this reason it is not allowed to bring own beverages to the festival except for children’s drinking bottles. Please dispose of your beverage bottles before entering the festival site. The security is told to search bags and backpacks. There’s a marked place for drinking water at the festival site. In order to avoid unnecessary clutter on the festival ground, we kindly ask you to throw empty bottles into the container which is located in front of the main entrance. The security guards are instructed to dispose of empty bottles.
  • Advertisements of any kind, especially flyers and leaflets, are not allowed on the festival ground. Please use the trashcans located all over the festival site and do not litter.
  • We also ask for your fairness towards the security staff at the entrances. They are doing a job which is not always easy. We have invited many international stars to the festival and they require high standards of security. We are therefore obliged to search bags etc. for weapons at the entrance of the circus tent. The less items you bring, the quicker you will be given admittance. Please note that recordings of any kind or taking pictures is not allowed in the circus tent at any time.
  • The city of Würzburg has given permission to extend the opening hours of our Havana Club to 2:00 am in the morning. We kindly ask all our guests to leave quietly afterwards. In order to make sure that everybody has a good time at the festival and feels safe, we reserve the right to deny drunken and obnoxious guests admittance to the festival ground. The festival has always been known for being a peaceful festival and we would like to keep it that way. There will be a cab stand at the main entrance of the festival. Please do not drink and drive.