In the last 30 years we have presented a number of exhibitions of renowned and talented photographers like e.g. Bugs Steffen, Mario Gerth, Angele Etoundi Essamba, Thomas Dorn and Jürgen Schadeberg. This year, we will exhibit and offer some of these photos, which were taken in Africa, as well as at the Africa Festival for *sale. The proceeds will go to Afro Project e.V. (registered association), which will use the money to support a school in the Gambia, as well as a kindergarten in Guinea.


The exhibitions take place at the public library (Marktplatz 9, 97070 Würzburg) and Hugendubel bookstore (Kürschnerhof 4, 97070 Würzburg) from 24 April – 8 June 2018, as well as at the University of Wuerzburg from 26 April – 27 July 2018.


*Anyone who wants to buy photos from these great exhibitions, can do so on site (at the public library and Hugendubel bookstore in Wuerzburg). Just go to the exhibition, pick the photos you want, and notify the information desk at Hugendubel bookstore or at the public library.


The "Zanzibar" exhibition at the university can only be purchased in its entirety - if you are interested, please send an e-mail to

"The beginning" by Alexandra Schuster

"Encounters - 25 years Africa Festival" by Bugs Steffen

"Zansibar - Traditions at the gateway to Africa" by Mario Gerth