The city of Würzburg provided us with a beautiful camping ground.
You may reach it via its entrance: Mainaustr. 32, (GPS 49.801821,9.909711)


Thursday, (28 May 2020): 01 pm - 10 pm
Friday- Monday (29 May - 1 June 2020): 08 am - 10 pm

Please note: In order to guarantee a peaceful and safe environment for all visitors, cars once parked on the camping ground should not be moved. If you really need to leave the grounds with your car / camping van / etc... - the appropriate fee has to be paid again!

Due to the limited space at our camping ground, we recommend all visitors to arrive as soon as possible. The camping ground will be open from Thursday, 28 May 2020, 01 pm. Unfortunately, reservations are not possible due to organizational reasons.


The below mentioned fees include permanent parking for 4 days on our camping ground and the free use of the available toilets:


Per vehicle (maximum size VW Buses), motorcycle per approach:
Per caravan, large house tent, pavilion:
Per dome tent:
Per person on arrival from Wednesday to Friday:
Per person on arrival on Saturday and Sunday:
Children up to 12 years of age are free of charge:
*Garbage deposit per person:

10 euros
20 euros
0 euros
5 euros


Make sure you secure your locker for your valuables. The truck from Caderobe will be parked directly at the campsite. Information and booking here:


Please keep the camping site clean and stick to the following rules:      

  • Entrance to the camping ground is only for camping guests (only with ribbon)
  • Do not distribute any advertisement of any kind! We have too much garbage.     
  • No camp fire on the entire site.
  • The operation of current generators is not allowed for reasons of noise protection!    
  • Unfortunately no external power supply can be provided by the organizer.
  • Garbage or trash must be stored in the provided garbage bags and has to be disposed at central waste.
  • After 10:00 pm nighttime peace has to be maintained in the interest of all parents with children and our neighbours!
  • Departure from the campsite is possible daily until 10 am.  
  • Considering the many children, there are no dogs allowed!
  • Camping is only possible till Monday morning. The area has to be cleared by noon!

There are two locations for lavatories with faucets. You must not use the restrooms of the soccer clubs. At the club houses of the soccer clubs SV 09 and the Wuerzburger FV (both located at the entrance gate) access to showers will be available for a fee at scheduled times.

Please look at the corresponding notices at the soccer clubs' facilities.
For those interested, there is the possibility of purchasing a breakfast at each of the clubs restaurants.

In the info area you have the possibility to charge your electronic devices free of charge.  

*Each camper will receive a garbage bag plus a pledge on arrival for 5.00 euros. Upon returning the filled garbage bag including the pledge you will get your 5.00 Euro back. The return point for the garbage bags can be found at the entrance.  

For further questions or problems, please contact the festival team at the info stand. We will be pleased to help.  

Thank you for your understanding and support

The Afro Project Team

Playground at the camping ground
© Daniel Peter