AWARD 2019

Laudation for the winner of

Photo © Bugs Steffen
Chairwoman of Mama Afrika e. V. Tiranke Diallo and her sister Aminata

Africa Festival Award 2019 - Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, dear festival guests!

We now come to the presentation of the "Africa Festival Award 2019". As every year, we have made it our task to honour special artists or people, especially artists from the African continent, who have promoted more humanity, togetherness or understanding through their work and commitment. We are pleased to be able to present two award winners this time. You may have already met the first laureate if you have looked around the festival area in the last two years... She is actually not alone, but it is rather a "family business" that she and her brother continue after their mother passed away much too early. Her mother Hadja decided 9 years ago to do something against a tradition she herself was affected by and which unfortunately still exists today in her home country Guinea: female genital mutilation! With cultural events, projects or educational initiatives, which take place, for example, in close contact with the parents, the whole family is active in their German home Berlin, but above all in West Africa, in Guinea, more precisely in the birthplace Kankan of her mother. A kindergarten was opened there in October 2014. Now a school is planned, the costs for the teaching staff will probably be covered by the Africa Festival Foundation. You can get an idea of what this special association is all about by visiting their information stand just around the corner in the Bamboo Hall. So our first "Africa Festival Award 2019" goes to: Tiranke and her brother Souleman Diallo on behalf of their association "Mama Africa" and thus all the family members who actively help there and all the other active members of the association. I would now like to invite Ms Tiranke Diallo to the stage!

May 2019