It is only allowed to publish the photos with crediting the respective photographer in coverages about the Africa Festival!
You can easily download the photos, which are listed here.

Please send us a specimen copy as a PDF file per e-mail, as we would like to add you to our press review:

  • Gentleman

    Photo: Buenning


  • Download Calypso Rose © Julot Bandit

    Calypso Rose

    Photo: Julot Bandit


  • Download Wally & Ami © Bugs SteffenWally & Ami Warning

    Photo: Mario Gerth



  • Download Sista Awa © Delia

    Sista Awa

    Photo: Delia


  • Femi Kuti

    Photo: Optimus Dammy


  • Download Mokoomba © Delia


    Photo: Eric-van-Nieuwland


  • Lucibela

    Photo: N’Krumah Lawson-Daku-Lusafrica


  • Mangroove Steel Band

    Photo: Mangroove Steel Band


  • Download Ndlovu Youth Choir © Ndlovu Youth Choir

    Ndlovu Youth Choir

    Photo: Ndlovu Youth Choir


  • Anna & Saliou Cissokho

    Photo: Saliou Cissokho


  • Moonlight Benjamin

    Photo: Pixbynot


  • Moonlight Benjamin

    Photo: Nöt